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?.S. to Mr. Shea, 3/17/78 

Also in today's Mail is the copy Jim “esar sent of year letter of 3/ 13 forwardagg 
Kg. Vials tar’ s 3/7/78. The copy you sent me has not cone so ^ia sent m a copy. 

We appreciate this effort. 

And cannot understand how the FBI has no record. 

One day in the earlier period of our farming st %attstown, when I was either 
carrying a basket of eggs to the house or working along the road, an FBI car stopped. 

The agent spoke to me along the road. was lo .-.cing for sy wife. She was tten still 
working in Washington and commuting. I told bin when she would be home and where to 
reach her in Washington. He said they would see her in Washington, deter she told me 
that they bad. 

The reason they looked her up is that she had worked for the Senate Munitions 
Committee vhye cosoittes) and thus was a feilow employee of Hiss. 

Although from my extensive reading of FBI reports 1 would be inclined to expect a 
mention of the agent having stopped at the farm and spoken to me I a» aware that this 
need not have been the case. However, I cannot believe that there was no report of the 
interview with my wife or any reference made to it. 

I have not followed the Hiss FOIa/PA matter closely so I do not know t a source of 
the records provided to them. I presume it would include both Baltimore and Washington 
Field Alices as well as Jteli&i. The agents should have been from one of these. 

I am reminded of more of that early period, earlier than this one. This also relates 
to the PA request and th-> Mayss case. 

An agent from the southwest, Sow Mexico or Arisons, was conducting a security check 
on Maybe/ who despite the felony conviction was employed at or being considered for 
employment at an atoasie installation. This agent interviewed ma when we lived in Arling- 
ton, 7a. I don't tMnfr he travelled that distance not to file a report. I believe he 
drove because I think I recall that license on his car. 

Aside! kayos was not ©sly a confessed and convicted felon. If you examine the list 
of ay requests there is an item about a plot to overthrown the government, &4 for-real 
one. Magma was in on it. I obtained the records from him. Boss it tail you something of 
the anu she prevalent official mind when despite this I was asked if I regarded him 

as a "security" risk?